Lighthouses of Australia

Chronological List Of Lighthouses

Year Light Location Comments
1818 Macquarie Sydney NSW Replaced in 1883
1832 Iron Pot Island Storm Bay Hobart Tas Replaced in 1833
1833 Low Head Tas Replaced in 1888
1836 The Lightship Rose Sydney Harbour The first lightship in Australia. A buoy was installed on the site in 1912. The old tower has been retained
1838 Cape Bruny South Bruny Island Tas Replaced by a GRP cabinet in 1996.
1840 Timeball Tower and Lighthouse Williamstown Vic Replaced in 1849. No longer used
1843 Shortland Bluff Queenscliff Vic Replaced in 1863
1844 Raine Island Raine Island Qld No light was ever installed on the tower
1846 Ben Boyd's Tower Eden NSW The light was never lit
1847 Cleveland Point Cleveland Qld Replaced in 1864 and again in 1976
1848 Deal Island Kent Group Bass Strait Tas Non-operational Replaced by NE Is. and SW Is. in 1992
1848 Cape Otway Apollo Bay Vic Replaced by a GRP cabinet 1994
      The old tower has been retained
1858 Fort Denison Sydney Harbour NSW Rebuilt in 1913
1858 Breaksea Island Albany WA Replaced in 1901
1858 Point King Albany WA Extinguished in 1911
1859 Cape Northumberland Port MacDonnell SA Replaced in 1882
1859 Middle Island Warrnambool Vic Moved to Flagstaff Hill Rear 1871
1859 Whaler Point Portland Vic Moved to its current location in 1889
1860 Cape St George Jervis Bay NSW Only ruins of this light remain
1862 Lookout Point Eden NSW Replaced in the 1970's
1863 Point Lonsdale Point Lonsdale Vic Replaced in 1867 and 1901
1866 Clarence Head Yamba NSW Replaced in 1955
1866 Tipara Reef Lightship Wallaroo SA Replaced by a lighthouse in 1877
The information for this chronological list has been obtained from many sources. Some have provided contradictory data. Where possible the year the light was first exhibited has been used which could account for some of the differences that may have been referring to date built. Where multiple lights have been built in a year they are listed alphabetically by state.

Every light built with the exception of most of the modern solar powered lights has gone through some transformation. All lights in Australia are now powered by mains or solar power with the vast majority being solar powered. These kinds of upgrades have not been mentioned.

Some lights that are listed as being replaced in the 1980's and 1990's were possibly only modified but not completely replaced. This applies to lights built prior to 1960 that now include a GRP cabinet that only came into use in the mid 1960's.


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